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  • Game: Pokémon Fire Red
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  • Region: USA
  • Console: Game Boy Advance
  • Genre: Platform
  • Rating: 4.9/5

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Pokemon Fire Red Version (V1.1) game for GBA

About Pokemon Fire Red

Download Pokemon Fire Red ROM for free

Pokemon – Fire Red Edition is a video game from the Pokemon series. The games are new editions of the Japanese Game Boy games Poketto Monsutā (Midori). Fire Red was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance.

When Nintendo launched the two games “Pokemon” in the red and blue editions for the Gameboy a few years ago, hardly anyone could have guessed what would trigger this phenomenon. Millions of children and adults around the world were busy finding and collecting the fantasy figures.

With “Pokemon Fire Red”, a new edition of the popular collecting game for the Gameboy Advance was published in 2004 and was based heavily on the first Pokemon titles.

Again it is the player’s task in Kanto to roam through the woods and meadows and find the rare Pokemon. You not only meet familiar characters, but also lots of new creatures. In the endeavor to become the best Pokemon trainer of all time, you only have to rely on one of the three Pokemon available to choose from at the beginning.

The choice needs to be considered carefully, as it has a significant influence on the further course of the game and thus offers enough motivation play through the title multiple times. In total, far more than 200 Pokemon want to be found, many of which can be seen for the first time on the GBA.

The game is also compatible with the two editions Rubin and Saphir for the Gameboy Advance and can even be used with the Nintendo Game Cube and the Pokemon Colosseum game with the accompanying cable. A WiFi adapter included with the game ensures wireless multiplayer fun by allowing you to swap Pokemons with friends and compete against each other to become the world’s best Pokemon trainer.

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The storyline of Pokémon Fire Red is a minimal change from the original Pokémon Blue and Red editions. The player embarks on an adventure in the Kanto region to build friends with Pokémon and fight battles to become stronger. The goals of the game are on the one hand to defeat the top four in the Pokémon League and the Champ, on the other hand to complete the Pokédex, i.e. to catch every type of Pokémon.

The game begins in Alabastia, a small village in the southwest of Kanto. The play figure play character red / play character Leaf and his / her childhood friend blue take on the roles of protagonist and rival when they set off on their great journey on the same day.

The protagonist is called back by Professor Eich when he tries to step onto the tall grass. In the professor’s laboratory, the protagonist and the rival are shown three Pokéballs containing the starter Pokémon. After the protagonist has chosen one of them, the rival selects the tactically superior Pokémon and immediately challenges the protagonist to a fight. After this fight, the professor asks the protagonist for a favor. He then travels to Vertania City, where he is supposed to pick up a package for the professor.

On the way to this city, he fights for the first time against wild Pokémon. Back in Alabastia, Professor Eich hands the two rival protagonists the Pokédex, a machine that can be used to register the data of all Pokémon. Now the protagonist is ready for the adventure in which he will fight many fights, fill the Pokédex by catching Pokémon and of course build friendship with his Pokémon.

In Vertania City, the protagonist learns a lot about Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Markets, as well as catching Pokémon. His journey takes him to the city north of the Vertania Forest, Marmoria City. There he competes against the first of the eight arena leaders, Brock. The biggest challenge for a Pokémon trainer is to defeat all eight gym leaders and then the top four to be considered the best trainer.

To the east of Marmoria City lies the Moon Mountain, where the protagonist discovers a fossil and meets members of Team Rocket, a criminal organization, for the first time. After defeating these shady trainers and leaving Moon Mountain, the protagonist arrives at Azuria City, where he challenges the next gym leader, Misty.

There’s a house on nearby Route 25 that has a Talking Pokémon in it, which is actually a human named Bill. After he has regained his true form, he gives the protagonist a boat ticket for a ship.

In the port of Orania City, the protagonist enters the ship M.S. Anne, on which he has to find the captain and also have to compete with his rival. After the tour on the ship, the protagonist fights against arena manager Major Bob. After defeating him, the protagonist wanders through the rock tunnel to the next city called Lavandia, and from there to Prismania City.

He finds out that Team Rocket has a hidden base under the local arcade. After several fights against members of this organization, he comes to their leader Giovanni, who has to admit defeat after a hard fight. It leaves an object behind, the Silph Scope, and then disappears without a trace. The protagonist is now ready for a fight against Erika.

The protagonist then uses the Silph Scope in the Lavandia ghost tower. This device can be used to identify ghosts. The Pokémon Knogga, which is haunted in the tower, calms down and finds peace. As a reward for this service, the protagonist receives the Poké flute, with which he can wake the sleeping Relaxo, which is blocking the way to Fuchsania City.

In this city he then competes against Koga, and in Saffronia City he fights against Sabrina. The Silph Co. building located here is occupied by Team Rocket. The villains plan to steal the Master Ball, a Poké Ball that can catch any Pokémon, no matter how powerful it is. After another tough fight with Giovanni, the team leader, he swears revenge.

After these events, the protagonist goes to the Sea Foam Islands and from there to the Vermilion Island, where the penultimate arena leader, Pyro, is waiting for a fight. In the Pokémon House here, a burned down building, the protagonist collects information about a Pokémon named Mew that was cloned from old remains and then gave birth to a cub.

This young Pokémon, named Mewtwo, is considered to be the most powerful of all species and has left this island to rubble and ashes. Then the player meets Bill who is on the way to his friend Celio on island 1 and takes the protagonist without further ado where he can explore the first three islands.

After he has saved Irma from hypno in the berry forest, Bill has also finished the planned maintenance work on the PC storage system and both drive back to the Vermilion Island.

The protagonist then challenges the last arena manager in Vertania City: It is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, who gives up his plans after the final defeat and disappears from the scene.

With all eight medals in his pocket, the protagonist travels to the Pokémon League. There he competes against the top four. After beating these strong coaches, the protagonist has to fight his rival one last time, who managed to become champ shortly before him. The protagonist wins this last fight, too, and thus he has achieved his goal of becoming the strongest Pokémon trainer.

After the main story, the player is still able to travel to the other four islands and finally drive Team Rocket from them. The two board members of Eiland 5 will again face the later Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver players as Atlas and Athena. Afterwards it is possible to enter the Azuria Cave and catch the escaped Mewtwo or challenge the top four again in a rematch.

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