ROM Games

What are ROMs?

The term “ROM” is associated with both Android smartphones and emulators. What ROMs actually are and how you can use them yourself can be found in this practical tip.

In relation to game emulators, the term ROM refers to the image of a game from a memory chip. The memory chips are usually the plug-in memory modules (also called cartridges) for Game Boy Advance or other game consoles such as the Nintendo 64.

The data from the memory chips (e.g. a GameBoy game) is read using special devices and copied to a file on the computer. This file now represents a digital form of the GameBoy game.

With the help of special software, not only can the game be digitized, but it can also be played. These programs are called emulators. Thus you can play old school games on the PC with ROMs, among other things. Download free ROM games now from us and start enjoying some classic games.