Download Game Boy Advance Emulators for PC & Mobile

GBA Emulators – Play Game Boy Advance on PC & Mobile

Who didn’t have it back then: a Gameboy. Many still play one or the other game with it today, but the Gameboys are slowly giving up their ghost. A website now provides a remedy. There you can play many classics for free and get that real Game Boy Advance feeling. This is where the original sounds are played back, and control is also fairly easy via the keyboard.

Free Gameboy Advance Emulator

The most famous GBA emulator for the PC is the “VisualBoyAdvance“. You can find it free of charge in our download area. The emulator offers the following options:

  • Downward compatibility with the classic Gameboy games before the GBA
  • Joystick support
  • Full screen function
  • Take screenshots / record sound
  • Save games at any time
  • Compatibility with almost all GBA game ROMs

Note: Emulators come without games. You need so-called ROM files (images) of the old GBA and Gameboy game modules.

Game Boy Advance emulators for mobile and PC

A GBA emulator brings good games back to life

If you are the happy owner of a PSP with so-called “custom firmware”, you may want to consider installing an emulator that enables you to play GBA games.

In terms of graphics, the GBA games can be seen as a mobile continuation of the Super Nintendo level. Well-known and popular series of games from the very successful console were continued on the GBA, including success guarantees such as Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda.

With a GBA emulator you can run all the Game Boy Advance games on your PSP, including the role-playing games that have appeared in large numbers for this system.

Note that you should actually own the games you plan to play on your PSP through this program. An illegal download of these games for the GBA would put you in a legally questionable zone. So play it safe.