Download GBA4iOS GBA Emulator for Mac

GBA4iOS mac emulator
  • Emulator: GBA4iOS
  • File size: 7.2MB
  • Region: USA
  • Console: Game Boy Advance
  • Platform: Mac OS X
  • Rating: 4.9/5

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About GBA4iOS Emulator

As of today, there is a new emulator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: The so-called GBA4iOS 2.0 emulates Game Boy Advance on the iOS device. Since Apple would never allow such a gimmick, the installation is carried out via the Safari browser. Without any jailbreak.

The app is not a web app, but a real * .ipa file that is accepted by means of in-house distribution via an expired certificate. The only requirement: Before the installation, the system date must be set to February 18, 2014 or earlier. After the successful download, everything can be set as usual. We made a little video in which we explain the function and installation of games. Take a look if you’re interested.

GBA4iOS is an application with which some types of files from our database can be operated. Here you will find information about which file extensions are supported by the GBA4iOS – you can use this program to open, edit or save the file in a selected format.

GBA4iOS program as a converter

You can also use the Microsoft Office program as a converter. This means that with the GBA4iOS you can open the file in one format and save it in another. Below is a list of the available conversion options that can be performed using GBA4iOS.

Download GBA4iOS Emulator

If you need to download GBA4iOS software, be sure to use a trusted source to do so. Nowadays portals that offer downloading of software GBA4iOS or others add unwanted additional programs to the installation files at every opportunity. The most secure solution offers the official website of the manufacturer of GBA4iOS – you will find the link above.