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About The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

You travel with the legendary Link through the kingdom of Hyrule and even through time to thwart the plans of the evil Ganondorf. In this celebrated chapter of the Zelda series, you can use unimaginable weapons and items, fight cruel bosses and solve tricky puzzles.

Whether it’s your first experience or not, the original Nintendo 64 version of this title is a treasure trove of video game history, which, in addition to groundbreaking new 3D elements, also features a powerful combat system and a gripping storyline. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is simply a masterpiece.

This Wii U Virtual Console game is the European version of the game, the gameplay and music speed of which has already been matched to the original version by the original developer. Demos and animations can correspond to the PAL speed. The aspect ratio of the image output has now also been corrected.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released in November and December 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and is the fifth installment in the Zelda series. When The Wind Waker appeared on the GameCube in 2003, the game was included on an additional disc as part of a “limited edition” together with Ocarina of Time – Master Quest. It was also included in the Collector’s Edition and is also available as a game for the Virtual Console on the Wii and Wii U. In 2011 the new edition Ocarina of Time 3D appeared for the Nintendo 3DS.

Ocarina of Time holds a record for most pre-orders, is the best-selling game of 1998, despite its rather late release date, with over two million units sold, and has received quite a number of awards. It is also referred to by critics as the “game of the century”. Overall, with over 7.6 million units sold, it is the best-selling Zelda game.

The popularity of the game can be explained by jumping into the 3D graphics, with which you can e.g. B. could do without the bird’s eye view and design the characters in more detail and provide them with facial expressions and gestures. The three-dimensional view allows the player to fully immerse himself in the environment, which is also beneficial for the labyrinths. The scope of the game was also larger compared to its predecessors.

Game history

The young protagonist Link, who grew up with the children of the forest, the Kokiri, a people of non-aging children, is called by the other Kokiri “the boy without a fairy” because he is the only one of the Kokiri who doesn’t have a fairy as a constant companion Has.

This changes one day after Link was plagued by nightmares: The patron god of Kokiri, the wise Deku tree, sends Link the fairy Navi, who stays with him from now on. Navi leads Link to the Deku tree, who needs his help: Ganondorf, the king of the Gerudo robbers, has put a curse on him.

Ganondorf is looking for the three holy stones which, together with the eponymous ocarina of the time, should give him access to the holy realm, where the triforce of the gods rests.

The Triforce fulfills all the wishes of its wearer, it does not differentiate between good and bad. The Deku tree is the keeper of one of the three sacred stones, which is why Ganondorf cursed it. Link succeeds in breaking the curse, but the Deku tree still dies of its consequences.

Before his death, he gives Link the sacred stone of the Kokiri with the assignment to travel to the castle of Hyrule and meet the princess of fate. The Kokiri blame Link for the death of the Deku tree, only Link’s best friend Salia believes him and gives him her fairy ocarina as a goodbye. Link travels to the capital, Hyrules, and secretly enters the castle, where he meets Princess Zelda.

Although she is still a child herself, she had foreseen his coming in a prophetic dream, so she does not trust Ganondorf, who is also staying at the royal court of Hyrule. Ganondorf pretends to want to enter into an alliance of the Gerudo with the kingdom of Hyrule, but in truth he wants to obtain the ocarina of time, which is guarded by Zelda.

However, the King of Hyrule does not believe Zelda’s warnings. Link and Zelda decide that Link should find the sacred stones in front of Ganondorf and thus obtain the Triforce before him. With the Triforce they want to put an end to the threat from Ganondorf. Impa, Zelda’s maid and member of the mysterious Shiekah, brings Link and Navi out of the castle and reveals the whereabouts of the two remaining stones.

So the hero and the fairy first travel to the death mountain, at the foot of which lies the village of Kakariko, help Darunia and his people, the Gorons, and obtain the sacred stone of the Gorons, and then to Zora’s realm, where they are welcomed by the Princess of Zoras, To obtain Ruto, the sacred stone of the Zoras.

On the way back to the castle, however, the events come thick and fast: Ganondorf and his Gerudo have attacked the castle from the inside and started a coup. The King of Hyrule is already dead. The fight is still in full swing when Link arrives at the gates of the capital.

Zelda and Impa are fleeing from Ganondorf on horseback. Zelda still manages to throw Link the ocarina of time. Ganondorf spares Link for the moment and apparently pursues Zelda. Link goes into the embattled city to the Citadel of Time, where the entrance to the Holy Kingdom is hidden.

With the help of the royal ocarina and the holy stones, Link opens the time portal behind which the legendary master sword lies. This is the final test: in order to gain access to the holy realm, one must pull the master sword out of its socket. In contrast to the Triforce, however, this differentiates between good and evil, so one cannot enter the holy realm with evil intentions.

However, Zelda and Link are not aware of this fact. Link pulls the master sword out of the pedestal of time and thereby opens the access to the Holy Realm.

Ganondorf suddenly appears and thanks Link: He deliberately let Link use the ocarina, knowing that he would never have been able to open the access. This enabled Ganondorf to enter the Holy Realm and touch the Triforce.

Link is still too young to bear the title Hero of Time, awarded with the master sword. The master sword therefore banishes his consciousness in the Holy Kingdom, Link is awakened by the sage Rauru only after seven years. Rauru tells Link that only all seven wise men are able to imprison Ganondorf in the Holy Realm, but that Ganondorf killed the other six wise men.

Through his black magic Ganondorf has corrupted the temples of the wise so that the new wise men cannot hear the call from the holy realm and therefore cannot awaken as wise men.

Link sets out with Navi to liberate the temples and thereby awaken the other wise men, while he meets Shiek. Like Zelda’s wet nurse Impa, Shiek pretends to belong to the Shiekah clan. After Link has helped five wise men to awaken them, including Salia, Impa and Ruto, he meets Shiek again, who reveals herself to him as the now adult Princess Zelda to be recognized.

Princess Zelda is the seventh sage. She tells Link that the heart of Ganondorf is unbalanced, so the Triforce fell into three parts when he touched it, as legends predicted. Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power, Zelda the Triforce of Wisdom and Link the Triforce of Courage. Therefore, Ganondorf’s rule over Hyrule was not all-encompassing until now, as a Triforce part holds great power, but only the complete Triforce can fulfill wishes.

With the help of Zelda, Link defeats Ganondorf and his demon form Ganon and the seven wise men banish Ganondorf to the former, now devastated holy realm.

Zelda apologizes to Link for dragging him into the conflict, even though they were both children at the time. She blames herself for everything that happened to Hyrule, since Ganondorf could only get into the Holy Realm through the Link commissioned by Zelda. Zelda takes the ocarina of time and sends Link back seven years so that he can catch up on his childhood and warns the young Zelda not to want to control the Triforce and the Holy Realm himself.

After sending it back, Navi suddenly leaves Link without saying goodbye. Link catches up with his childhood in the Kokiri Forest and Hyrule and becomes friends with Zelda again. She gives him the ocarina of the time after Link tells her that he will be going on a journey for a long time to look for “a good friend” and thus arrives in the land of Termina (see Majora’s Mask).

As a result, Ganondorf is initially blocked from entering the Holy Kingdom in this timeline (see Twilight Princess).

By sending Link back, Zelda created a new timeline. This new timeline leads to the events of Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, while the adult Zelda timeline leads to the events of The Wind Waker.

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