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If you search for a Playstation 2 emulator for Android or PC, you’ve come to the right site. Here you’ll find the best PS2 emulators so you can enjoy some Playstation 2 games on your Android or PC device.

Old PlayStation classics shine in new splendor on your PC via PS2 emulator

With a PS2 emulator you can enjoy playing old PlayStation titles on your PC one more time, without any major effort. We reveal what you should pay attention to.

Like many other gamers, you certainly have plenty of fond memories of the carefree time you were able to spend around ten to twenty years ago playing games on your PlayStation 2. This time probably came to an end at the latest with the advancing technology, which was shaped not only by the release of the PlayStation 3, but also by the expansion of the Internet network and the associated seizure of power of the online multiplayer modes on the consoles. If you still want to play the classics again these days, a PS2 emulator will help you. We’ll tell you how here.

PS2 emulator: what it is and which of them is best for you

A PS2 emulator is basically nothing more than a virtual machine that a PlayStation 2 can completely mimic on your computer. This means that with the help of such an emulator you will be able to play long-forgotten classics again on your PC without even having the antique console (let alone a TV with the appropriate connections).

A PS2 emulator also helps enormously with the acquisition of the games: most of the titles can be found on the Internet.

When looking for a suitable PS2 emulator, you almost always come across the name of a very specific representative: The PCSX2 is extremely popular and should allow you to easily play a large part of the games for the then extremely popular console from Sony.

Its advantages are obvious: with an improved resolution, support for almost every controller, an integrated Full HD recorder and an optimized storage option, the PS2 emulator PCSX2 is even better than the console itself ever was .

The minimum requirements for your PC for a PS2 emulator

Although the games on a PlayStation 2 should probably never cause problems for your PC from a purely graphical point of view, a certain amount of performance will be demanded from it, because a PS2 emulator mainly uses the processor. For this reason, the following minimum requirements are necessary for the PCSX2 to run stably on your computer.

  • Operating system: Windows X, X86 or higher
  • Processor: SSE2 support, Pentium 4 and newer, Athlon 64 and newer
  • RAM: 2 gigabytes or more
  • Graphics card: Pixel Shader 2.0

However, an operating system from Windows 7 upwards is recommended, a modern processor with at least four cores and a current DirectX 11 graphics card.

Where can I download the PS2 emulator PCSX2?

The easiest way to find the PCSX2 is via the official website of the developer. Various technology portals also offer free and mostly virus-checked downloads, because when looking for a PS2 emulator, unfortunately, you come across ominous providers relatively quickly who only want to harm you with malware.

Configure PS2 emulators for PC

The configuration of the PCSX2 is not exactly complicated. Once downloaded, with a little time you should have quickly familiarized yourself with the user interface. By offering different presets, you can even shorten the configuration process considerably. Should you still have difficulties with the setup, you will find extremely detailed and clearly described guides in the forum of the official website of the PCSX2 and there is also sufficient illustrative material on YouTube.

What games are there for the PS2 emulator?

The answer to this question is as simple as it is astonishing: In fact, there is almost every better-known (and less well-known) title for the PS2 emulator that was also available for the original PlayStation 2 at the time. The list of compatible games is growing steadily and new games are added with each update. If you are looking for a specific representative of your PS2 collection, the search on the official PCSX2 forum will help you quickly.

Conclusion: A PS2 emulator lets you indulge in retro nostalgia in no time at all

As you can see, using a PS2 emulator to play through your favorite PlayStation 2 titles again these days is anything but rocket science. PS4 games can also be brought to the PC and with the corresponding emulator you can even play Nintendo Switch games without a console.

Game Boy Advance emulators for mobile and PC

A GBA emulator brings good games back to life

If you are the happy owner of a PSP with so-called “custom firmware”, you may want to consider installing an emulator that enables you to play GBA games.

In terms of graphics, the GBA games can be seen as a mobile continuation of the Super Nintendo level. Well-known and popular series of games from the very successful console were continued on the GBA, including success guarantees such as Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda.

With a GBA emulator you can run all the Game Boy Advance games on your PSP, including the role-playing games that have appeared in large numbers for this system.

Note that you should actually own the games you plan to play on your PSP through this program. An illegal download of these games for the GBA would put you in a legally questionable zone. So play it safe.