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NDS Emulators – Play Nintendo DS on PC & Mobile

What is a Nintendo DS emulator and how does it work? The Nintendo DS emulator software is available for Windows, Linux and MACOS. It can be downloaded for free in various forms.

Our entire website is filled to the brim with different Nintendo DS emulators. In addition to the Nintendo DS emulator program, the associated games are required. These can also be found on the Internet.

In addition to the commercial, i.e. well-known DS games, there are also new versions. These are made available by hobby programmers and can also be downloaded free of charge. Thus, the Nintendo DS emulator is a possibility to test the console without expensive hardware, but with some restrictions.

A so-called emulator is a system that is able to imitate the processor, sound and graphics on a console. It has become possible to run the software for a certain console under a different operating system. This is usually a standard PC on which the Nintendo DS games can now also be played.

The Nintendo DS mobile game console was the successor to the legendary GameBoy Advance. The DS stands for “Dual Screen” because the handheld console offers a touch-sensitive and a normal screen. The game concept was expanded to include a crucial interactive point.

With an NDS emulator you can also get the cool games of the DS on your computer and play them on the large screens of your computer. You can use plug-ins to expand the range of functions, for example, with external input devices such as gamepads.

Note: The emulator itself comes without games. Instead you need the ROM files (images) of the game cartridges. If you do not have the original games, you will find some classics on the Internet that are now being distributed as freeware.

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